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Water Scarcity In Tanzania

Via Global Voices, an article on Tanzania water challenges: The East African country of Tanzania is facing a significant challenge of water scarcity. This issue is closely linked to climate change, which is altering weather patterns and exacerbating the already limited availability of water resources. Climate change has brought about a range of consequences, and […]

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Tanzania Starts Rationing Water Due To Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report that Tanzania has started rationing water due to drought: Tanzanian authorities on Thursday began rationing water in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam following a drought-induced drop in water levels from its main source, the Ruvu river. The 5.5 million inhabitants of the Indian Ocean city will go without piped water […]

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Lake Malawi: Water Tensions Bubbling Over?

Via Ooska News, commentary on the tension between Malawi and Tanzania over Lake Malawi: A contingent of high-ranking Malawian officials is visiting areas around Lake Malawi to reassure residents that war with Tanzania is not imminent. “A high-powered Malawi government delegation including Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume are in the lakeshore […]

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Oil and Water Don’t Mix in Lake Malawi Border Dispute

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a brief commentary on the Lake Malawi border dispute where, in the search for oil & natural gas, Africa’s third largest lake has become a political battlefield: Lake Malawi, also known as Lake Nyasa, is one of the African Great Lakes that lies in the Eastern Rift Valley. It is […]

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Lake Malawi Exploration Fuels Ownership Debate

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an example of the watergy nexus straining relations between two nations in Africa: A 50-year-old border dispute has reignited between Malawi and Tanzania over ownership of Lake Malawi, Africa’s third largest lake. The reason? Oil and gas. Malawi’s late president, Bingu wa Mutharika, awarded an exploration contract to UK company […]

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A Political Storm Hovers Over Calm Nile Water

With 300 million people dependent on the water of the Nile, it is not surprising that a deal on its usage by several countries is difficult to ratify.  As Uganda’s Monitor reports the tenuous and contentious state of discussions have not yet subsided: “…It’s been a decade of negotiations-sometimes exemplified by mistrust, intrigue and walkouts. […]

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