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Coastal Namibia Faces 24,500 Megalitres Annual Water Deficit

Via Namibia Business Express, a report on Namibia’s water stress: Nafasi Water, Manager for New Business, Brendan Petschel has said that Namibia’s coastal regions which hold the key to future prosperity of Namibia is expected to require 36,500 Ml p.a. (megalitres per annum) of water by 2030 for public and private use. This provides an […]

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No Namibia-Angola Conflict Over Water

Via New Era, commentary on water tensions between Namibia and Angola: The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa has dismissed media reports implying Angolan authorities want Namibia to start paying for the water that it draws from the Calueque Dam. This follows a report by the Namibian Sun that it appears that Namibia has […]

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The Great Land + Water Grab: The Discovery of a New Aquifer in Namibia

Via FutureChallenges, a report on the rising water tensions over control/access to a new aquifer recently discovered in Namibia: The arid nation of Namibia has a newly discovered aquifer called Ohangwena II, that spans its northeast region, which flows under the boundary between Angola and Namibia. The country is considered one of the driest in […]

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