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Shrinking Glaciers In Indus Basin

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at complexities arising from shrinking glaciers on the Indus headwaters: SUMMARY Many of the world’s most iconic river systems – the Mekong, Indus, Yangtze – are fed by glaciers that both supply and modulate their water flow. Now these glaciers are melting due to climate change, threatening irrigation systems, electricity […]

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Manila: Trickling Into Water Crisis

Via EcoBusiness, a report on how – as drought grips the Philippines – Manila is becoming the latest big city to struggle to access enough water: On Block 37, the city water supply starts flowing around 7 am. Two or three hours later, it stops. Evelyn Angeles and her partner make what they can of the […]

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Impact of Hindu Kush and Himalayan “Grand Melt”

Via The Diplomat, a look at the impact that the melting of the Hindu Kush and Himalayan glaciers would have upon the region: In the last century, human migration in South Asia, the world’s most populous and most densely populated region, was largely caused by geopolitics, wars, socioeconomic constraints and environmental disasters. By the end of […]

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Global Freshwater Supplies Threatened by Overuse

Via Future Directions International, a sobering look at global freshwater supplies: As global demand for food and water grows, there is increasing pressure on the world’s freshwater supplies. Climate change is responsible for some surface water loss, as weather patterns become hotter and dryer in some regions, prolonging droughts and accelerating evaporation. Although climate change has […]

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Water Protests in Algeria Are Giving Cause for Concern about its Long-Term Stability

Via Future Directions International, a report on Algeria’s water stress: As Algerians continue to protest about the country’s government, following Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s resignation, demonstrations have also broken out in eastern Algeria, where protesters have demanded better access to drinking water. The protests occurred in Hammamet, near the town of Tebessa, where tensions have continued to rise since the […]

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