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Drought Threatens Paraguay’s Economy

Via MercoPress, an article on how water levels in the Paraguay and Paran? Rivers are imperiling the country?s?upcoming harvest,?and causing problems for Paraguayan importers: Paraguayan exporters have decried over this weekend their latent concern about the Paraguay and Parana rivers’ low levels which might affect the grain season in January and February if no improvement […]

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How One of South America?s Biggest Dams Became A Bitcoin Battleground

Via Rest of World, a report on how one of South America?s biggest dams became a Bitcoin battleground: After the Covid-19 pandemic reached Paraguay in 2020, Christian Kaatz was working 12-hour days to keep his company, a local internet service provider (ISP), afloat. Looking for something to help him de-stress, he bought a high-powered PC […]

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Severe Drought Hits South America

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the impact of water scarcity in South America: Most years, when rains are normal, four Olympic swimming pools worth of water passes each second through the mammoth Itaip? Dam, churning out electricity for both Paraguay and Brazil and allowing ships and barges to export grains as […]

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