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The Parched Tiger: Indo-Bhutan Hydro Relations

Via Eurasia Review, a detailed look at hydro relations between India and Bhutan: One strand of the debate on non-traditional security issues is that future wars will be fought over water. History stands evident of the fact that since the beginning of human civilization man has been settling beside rivers and many of the mighty […]

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Food And Water Security In Qatar (2)

Via Future Directions International, second part of an interesting analysis on Qatar’s food and water security: Key Points Scarce natural water resources, variable and low rates of evaporation, and high rates of water consumption have led to the over-extraction of groundwater. Desalinated water supplies at least 50 per cent of the country’s water demand; groundwater […]

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Repercussions of Climate Change And Water Politics in Central Asia

Via The Diplomat, a look at how water related issues may impact Central Asia in the years ahead: In Central Asia, the topic of climate change is rarely discussed in local political circles. Yet scientists have warned about the future for the Eurasian continent.The Diplomat recently sat down with Columbia University’s Benjamin Orlove to discuss the impact of […]

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Food and Water Security in Qatar

Via Future Directions International, a look at Qatar’s food and water security: Key Points Qatar’s agricultural production is constrained by scarce water resources, infertile soil, harsh climatic conditions and poor water management. The financial and environmental costs associated with implementing Qatar’s National Food Security Program (QNFSP) may outweigh the cost of importing food requirements, and […]

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Spain’s Water Resources

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed analysis of Spain’s water challenges: Over the coming decades, Spain will face several challenges in maintaining the viability of its natural resources. Climatic pressures will likely stretch regional water supplies. A lack of future investment will cause infrastructure to deteriorate. Public sentiment that water is a common good […]

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The Parched Tiger: A $23 Billion Stock Drop Shows India’s Rising Water Risks

Via Bloomberg, an article on India’s water scarcity issues, with half of the country facing potential surface-water supply disruptions: Few expected India’s science minister to cut the monsoon outlook as he unveiled a weather forecasting system on June 2. The surprise contributed to a 1.5-trillion-rupee ($23 billion) two-day slump in the nation’s equities. The rupee also […]

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