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Central Asian Leaders Clash Over Water At Aral Sea Summit

Via disappointing (but not unexpected) news that a summit on the future of the shrinking Aral Sea ended without making any tangible progress on resuscitating the endangered sea.  In fact, if anything, the meeting succeeded only in stoking acrimony among participants on the water-use issue.  As the article notes: “…The presidents of the five […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Will China Run Out Of Water?

Via WaterWired, an interesting personal view from Dr. Chun Miao Zheng (founding director of the Center for Water Research at Peking University in Beijing) on the challenges facing an ever-drier China.  As the article notes: “…China is like two countries: dry in the north (Yellow River is here), where some areas have annual precipitation amounts […]

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Sachs: Water Shortages Spur Conflicts

Via The Gulf Times, an interesting article on the tendency for water shortages to spur conflicts.  Pulled from a speech made by Jeffrey Sachs, the report notes: “…Many conflicts are caused or inflamed by water scarcity. The conflicts from Chad to Darfur, Sudan, to the Ogaden Desert in Ethiopia, to Somalia and its pirates, and […]

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Hydroplomacy: A Central Asian Water Summit

Via Yahoo, news of an upcoming meeting among the five leaders of Central Asian nations to try to end a bitter row over water use in one of the world’s driest regions.  As the article notes: “…The dispute over cross-border water sharing in the vast region north of Afghanistan is a worry for its leaders […]

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Asia’s Water Insecurity

The Asia Society recently released a new report on Asia’s water challenges and, as Circle of Blue analyzed, there are many imposing obtacles ahead: “…Asia faces “severe” water problems. According to a report released today by the Asia Society Leadership Group — Asia’s Next Challenge: Securing the Region’s Water Future — reduced access to fresh […]

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Bangladesh & India: Concerns Over Proposed Dam’s Impact on Downstream Tributaries

Via Terra Daily, a report on Bangladesh’s recent plans to send experts to India to investigate claims a proposed dam in northeastern Assam state would dry up downstream tributaries crucial for farmers.  As the article notes: “…Bangladesh has for five years protested against the dam at Tipaimukh because of fears it would affect the flow […]

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