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Desalination In The Context of Global Water Security

Via The Water Network, an article on desalination: Desalination is not the only approach that will be required to solve the world’s water scarcity problems. However, it will likely emerge as a central pillar to manage water scarcity. Already today, cities like Barcelona or San Diego would run out of water without desalination plants during […]

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Ethiopia Makes Progress On The Nile Dam Project

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an updated look at the Grand Renaissance Dam project: The construction site of the Grand Renaissance Dam near the Sudanese-Ethiopia border March 31. Summary By learning how to cooperate, Ethiopia may be one step closer to realizing its dream of finishing construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. On Dec. 29, […]

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Gaddafi Dead: What Is The Fate Of The Great Man Made River?

Via Green Prophet, musings on Libya’s Great Man Made River project now that a change in political leadership has occurred: The Great Man Made River: 70 percent of Libya’s fresh water comes from it. Muammar Gaddafi, the eccentric strongman of Libya for more than 42 years and often referred to as the Mad Dog of […]

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Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project

Via Terra Daily, some additional information on Libya’s 33-billion-dollar Great Man-Made River scheme to extract water from deep beneath the Sahara and pipe it across the desert to its coastal cities.  As the article notes, it is laden with potential for stoking friction with Libya’s neighbours: “…The scheme, already some two-thirds complete, is economically viable […]

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Hydro-angst between Pakistan and India

From The Pakistan Daily Times, an interesting analysis of the controversial Kishanganga project which Pakistan claims would reduce the power generation capacity of the 969-megawatt Neelum-Jhelum plant and result in an ecological disaster for the area. As the article notes: “…When Pakistan and India signed the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) in 1960, it was thought […]

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Laos as Southeast Asia’s Battery – Too Many Contact Points?

Via Terra Daily, interesting details of the plans of mountainous Laos, one of Asia’s poorest nations, to exploit its hydropower potential to become the “battery of Southeast Asia” and sell electricity to its more industrialised neighbours Vietnam and Thailand.  While the focus of the article is primarily over the potential environmental and freshwater impact a […]

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