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Water Level of Caspian Sea Falling at Accelerating Rate

Via Window on Eurasia, an article on the Caspian Sea: The water level of the Caspian Sea is falling at an accelerating rate, raising the specter not that that inland sea is going to go the way of the Aral anytime soon but rather that lower water levels will complicate the lives of littoral states […]

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Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Agree to Install Transboundary Water Meters

Via The Diplomat, a look at how water – while most often characterized as a potential spark for conflict in Central Asia – is, at the same time, an opportunity for cooperation: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have agreed to install meters in each other’s territory to monitor water consumption and share data online with each other. […]

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An Elegy For The Amu Darya River

Courtesy of Guernica, a look at how – in so many ways – human behavior is emptying the Amu Darya: Most mighty rivers enjoy a spectacular finale: a fertile delta, a mouth agape to the sea, a bay of plenty. But it had taken me almost a week to find where the Amu Darya comes […]

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Japan’s Role in Healing the Aral Sea and Engaging Central Asia

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at Japan’s role in healing the Aral Sea: Multiple international actors have become involved in helping Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan alleviate the devastating consequences of one of the worst human-made environmental disasters across the Central Asian region: the loss of the Aral Sea. One notable partner in these endeavors is […]

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Central Asia’s Water Crisis Is Already Here

Via The Diplomat, an article on what it will it take for Central Asian states to sustainably adapt to climate change, particularly the regional water crisis that is already underway: Over the course of 2023, Central Asia grappled with escalating challenges stemming from climate change, including disruptive weather patterns affecting long-standing agricultural practices and the […]

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Is Balkhash Facing Fate of Aral Sea?

Via Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, a report on Lake Balkhash’s complex hydro future: Now Balkhash is a natural site. If a nuclear power plant is built on the lake, it will turn into an industrial pond. It will let China limit the Ili river flow feeding the lake, and the new load on […]

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