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The Winds of Change: The Social and Political Cost of Climate Inaction in Central Asia

Via The Diplomat, an article on how climate change may be an “accelerant” for global cooperation, but it also poses significant social, political, and geopolitical challenges in Central Asia: Climate change is a global issue that affects many regions of the world, including Central Asia. The region is experiencing unprecedented climate crisis, causing significant changes […]

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Agricultural Droughts To Continue Across Water-Scarce Central Asia

Via Seed Daily, a report on the agricultural future of water scarce Central Asia: A severe agriculture drought swept Central Asia in 2021 in its early growing season, causing mass die-offs of crops and livestock and leading to increased food prices. This harsh drought is not an independent event but an intensification of a drying […]

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Climate Change and Water Resources in Central Asia: Growing Uncertainty

Via the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR), a look at the impact of climate change on water resources in Central Asia: “Unpredictable water availability with more frequent and severe natural floods and droughts, a growing population and increasing water withdrawals outside the region mean that today’s actions are critical for a sustainable future,” […]

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U.S. Water Security Initiative: Central Asia is a Contender for Partnership

Via Caspian Policy Center, an article on Central Asia’s potential as a partner in the U.S.’s new water security initiative: On June 1, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized water security as an essential foreign policy priority. Harris mentioned that improving water security would enhance public health results and bolster local economic output, which in turn […]

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Water Footprint Analysis of Central Asia

Via China Water Risk, commentary on how Central Asia can help mitigate its water & climate risks though adjusting its virtual water trade & interregional collaboration: Central Asia is facing a worrisome mix of challenges incl. decreased water availability & drought; few unaware of impacts on the Aral sea from overuse of water for irrigation Region […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Water Politics Will Drive Kazakhstan’s Relations With China

Via National Interest, commentary on the need for Kazakhstan and China to reach mutually beneficial agreements on water issues: The recent unrest in Kazakhstan quickly led to an intervention by the Collective Security Treaty Organization and triggered the appointment of a new prime minister. While events in Kazakhstan will continue to impact regional geopolitics, some issues will remain generally unaffected, […]

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