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Another Middle East “Hot Spot:” Iraq in Water Talks with Turkey & Syria

As noted by Terra Daily, Iraq – in the grip of a severe drought and needs more water for agriculture and drinking, opened talks with Turkey and Syria in a bid to increase the flow of Euphrates & Tigris rivers and end severe water shortages.  Just another example of water stress in the Middle East. 

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Water: Conflict or Catalyst?

Offering a contrary viewpoint, Circle of Blue recently reported on some experts who believe water can help drive cooperation instead of conflict. While we do not hold such an optimistic outlook, it is certainly fair to present this more hopeful view: “…Scholars from a variety of disciplines would likely argue the world is entering a […]

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Court Water to Conquer War

As recently noted by Circle of Blue,  Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, stated: “If you look at where the violence in the world is right now, in the worst cases — places like Darfur, Sudan, like Somalia, like the Middle East, like Pakistan, Afganistan — these are all water-stressed regions. […]

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China, Tibet, and the strategic power of water

As reported by Circle of Blue, a number of experts say that control and management of an even more vital resource – the Tibetan Plateau’s vast supply of freshwater – is also emerging at the center of the increasingly tense political and cultural strife between China and Tibet. As the article notes: “…the Tibetan Plateau […]

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Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Water Problems = Cross-Border Issues

As reported by New,  problems with water are becoming more vivid in the cross-border relations of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The recent visit of the Kyrgyz president to Tajikistan was sparked by the water problem which is mainly related to the delimitation of borders in Fergana Valley.  As the article notes:  “…people do not know […]

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The Great Lakes – Another Aral Sea?

Reading Toronto recently published a provocative report which contemplated the possibility that the havoc exploitative policies caused on the Aral Sea’s once seemingly robust ecosystem could conceivably emerge in North America if various jurisdictions (i.e. Canada, the U.S., various states & provinces) manage the Great Lakes with selfish, short-terms views in mind.  As the article […]

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