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Water, Energy and Food Security Key To MENA Stability

Courtesy of The Arab Weekly, an article on the potential risk that insecurity in the water-food-energy nexus will lead to political unrest, displacement and instability: The Middle East region is struggling to ensure adequate water, energy and food security as resources deplete and demand increases due to population growth and climate change. According to the United […]

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Pakistan Forges Ahead With Diamer-Basha Dam With China’s Support

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on a joint Chinese – Pakistani venture to develop a new dam on the Indus River: Pakistan signed on May 14 a 442 billion Pakistan rupees contract for a joint venture with the Chinese state-run China Power and Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), the commercial arm of the Pakistan military. The deal was […]

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Hydropower In Asia: Water Torture?

Via The Economist, a look at how China – if it won’t build fewer dams – could at least share information with farmers and fisherman in downstream countries: Rivers flow downhill, which in much of Asia means they start on the Tibetan plateau before cascading away to the east, west and south. Those steep descents provide the ideal setting […]

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California: Running Out Of Cheap Water

Via Terra Daily, a report on how less water could sustain more Californians with conservation: California isn’t running out of water,” says Richard Luthy. “It’s running out of cheap water. But the state can’t keep doing what it’s been doing for the past 100 years.” Luthy knows. As a professor of civil and environmental engineering […]

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South-East Asia’s Biggest River Is Drying Up

Via The Economist, a sobering report on the Mekong: Fish writhe frantically in the shallow pool, as their schoolmates stranded on the exposed sandbar breathe their last. It is November, the end of the monsoon season, yet the water in the Mekong river is perilously low. On this stretch, in north-eastern Thailand, the bank is […]

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Sudan Rejects Ethiopia Proposal To Sign Nile Mega-Dam Agreement

Via Al Jazeera, a report on Sudan’s recent rejection of Ethiopia’s proposal to sign Nile mega-dam agreement: Sudan has rejected an Ethiopian proposal to sign an initial agreement greenlighting the filling of a controversial mega-dam, calling its neighbour to resume the stalled United States-brokered negotiations on the issue. On Tuesday, Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said […]

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