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Alberta’s Brutal Water Reckoning

Via The Tyee, a look at how – despite the province’s arid past – Alberta’s thirst for growth won out: “To a water expert, looking ahead is like the view from a locomotive, 10 seconds before the train wreck.” — The late scientist David Schindler on Alberta’s looming crisis Alberta’s water reckoning has begun in earnest. Snowpack […]

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Simmering Global Water Tension As Hot, Dry Summer Looms

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, some hotspots for water tension as a hot, dry summer looms: Sun-baked fields and dusty reservoirs dot the landscape of southern Spain. Travel east in the Mediterranean and Tunisia is cutting urban water service at night to conserve supplies amid a harsh, multi-year drought. In the Horn of Africa, meanwhile, […]

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Drought On Canadian Prairies

Via CBC, a report on southwest Saskatchewan’s dry autumn: Farmers and other producers in southwest Saskatchewan are experiencing dry fall weather. The lack of rain in some areas is causing “moderate to severe on-site water shortages,”  according to the latest provincial crop report. “It’s just setting us up again for a questionable start for next spring,” […]

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Canada Dry: Drought Takes Tolls On Canada’s Normally ‘Wet Coast’

Via Global News, a report on how drought is taking its toll on Canada’s normally “wet” coast: By this time of year, the so-called ‘wet coast’ of Canada should be blustery, wet and cold — some would even say miserable. Vancouver should be living up to its reputation as “Raincouver.” Fall colours, along with the […]

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50 Years of Protecting and Restoring the Great Lakes

Via The Conversation, a look at 50 years of US-Canada joint efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes: The Great Lakes cover nearly 95,000 square miles (250,000 square kilometers) and hold over 20% of Earth’s surface fresh water. More than 30 million people in the U.S. and Canada rely on them for drinking water. The lakes support a multibillion-dollar maritime economy, […]

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U.S. / Canada: A River Runs Through It

Courtesy of the Wilson Quarterly, a look at the Columbia River Treaty and what lessons it holds for Canada/US water relations: The Columbia River defines the Pacific Northwest for both Canada and the United States. It runs for 1,243 miles from the Canadian Rockies to reach the Pacific Ocean. It also forms part of the […]

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