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Water Crisis: Lessons from South Africa

Via Semafor, a look at lessons learned from South Africa’s water crisis: There’s a giant clock ticking until the next major city runs out of water, and it could take a trillion dollars a year to stop a countdown that affects us all. That’s what the World Resources Institute estimates the world would need to spend every […]

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South Africa: Race-Based Quotas for Water Licences Worry Farmers

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a report on  how South Africa’s ruling ANC has drafted a water licence bill that is seen by some as being race-based and threatening to agriculture: Farmer Dirk Kegta is frustrated that to get new water-drawing rights from the Vaal River in South Africa’s maize belt in the Free State […]

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Liquid Failure: South African Outlaws Exploit Water Woes for Profit

Via The Africa Report, a look at how South Africa’s massive water shortage is prompting a push for dams – while the country’s water mafias continue to profit: When Johannesburg Water announced it was shutting off the supply for 58 hours on Tuesday 11 July for planned maintenance, Grace Ramotlwa knew what it would mean […]

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South African Taps Run Dry After Power Shortages

Via BBC, a report on South Africa’s water/energy crisis: The peace of a normally tranquil suburban road near South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, is being shattered by the sound of drilling. These are not prospectors looking for a new source of the country’s mineral wealth, but workers digging for an arguably more precious resource: water. Private […]

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Rich People’s Swimming Pools Are Fueling Water Crises In Cities

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on a new study that shows how rich people’s swimming pools are fueling water crises in cities: Rich elites are fueling water crises by using huge amounts of limited water resources on things like their private swimming pools, irrigating their gardens and washing their cars, a new study […]

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No Lights, No Water: South Africans Fume At Cascading Crisis

Via Terra Daily, a report on South Africa’s cascading water/energy crisis: Already struggling without electricity for hours a day, many South Africans are now having to do also without water, as power outages batter the supply system. A power failure at a pump station feeding reservoirs and water towers caused taps to run dry in […]

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