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Rich People’s Swimming Pools Are Fueling Water Crises In Cities

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on a new study that shows how rich people’s swimming pools are fueling water crises in cities: Rich elites are fueling water crises by using huge amounts of limited water resources on things like their private swimming pools, irrigating their gardens and washing their cars, a new study […]

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No Lights, No Water: South Africans Fume At Cascading Crisis

Via Terra Daily, a report on South Africa’s cascading water/energy crisis: Already struggling without electricity for hours a day, many South Africans are now having to do also without water, as power outages batter the supply system. A power failure at a pump station feeding reservoirs and water towers caused taps to run dry in […]

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South Africa: Dam in Nelson Mandela Bay Is At Its Lowest Level Ever

Via GroundUp, a report on two (2) key dams in South Africa that are only at a combined 15% water level: Impofu Dam at 7% and Churchill Dam may run dry by April Last week, the combined dam levels in the Nelson Mandela Bay region dropped to an alarming 15%, of which only 9% is […]

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Hydropolitics vs. Human Security: South Africa’s Appropriation of Lesotho’s Highlands Water

Via Daedalus, an academic paper on the hydropolitics that cause the environmental threats related to South Africa’s appropriation of Lesotho’s water to be overlooked: The Lesotho Highlands Water Project, which exports water to South Africa, has enhanced the unequal structural relationship that exists between both states. Lesotho, one of the few countries in the world […]

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Protests Over Water Shortages Shut Longest South African Highway

Via Bloomberg, a report of water related protests in South Africa: Part of South Africa’s longest highway, which runs from Cape Town to Zimbabwe, was shut on Monday by protesters who were demonstrating over water shortages.  The N1 highway was closed at Ventersburg, a town that’s about 240 kilometers (149 miles) south of Johannesburg, the […]

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Forgotten Droughts: Five Regions That Could Soon Face Conflict Over Water

Via EuroNews, a look at five regions of the world which could soon face conflict over water: Millions of people in ‘neglected’ regions could soon face violent conflict over water, according to an early warning tool developed by the Water Peace and Security partnership. News cameras turned to Europe this summer as the continent sweltered through […]

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