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Groundwater Levels Around the World Are Dropping Quickly, Often at Accelerating Rates

Via Inside Climate News, highlights of a starting report showing rapid declines in groundwater are most common in aquifers under croplands in drier regions, including California: Groundwater supplies are dwindling in aquifers around the world, a groundbreaking new study found, with the rates of decline accelerating over the past four decades in nearly a third […]

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Chile: Latin America’s Most Water Stressed Country

Via Smart Water Magazine, a look at Chile’s water dilemma, Latin America’s most water-stressed country According to the World Resources Institute, Chile faces “high water stress” as demand for water significantly exceeds its availability. A study by Fundación Chile highlights that 44% of water problems are due to failures in water management and governance. To strengthen […]

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Squeezing Communities Dry: Water Grabbing By The Global Food Industry

Via GRAIN, a look at how pension fund managers, private equity firms and other financial players are moving aggressively to snatch up lands around the world with access to water for irrigation. Their strategy is to pump as much water as they can and as fast as they can into the production of crops, like […]

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Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on how water in Chile was redirected in order to maximize its highest economic use, to the detriment of local communities: During the past four decades here in Quillagua, a town in the record books as the driest place on earth, residents have sometimes seen glimpses of […]

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Water, Not Lithium, Is The Resource Latin America Should Worry About

Via Rest of World, commentary on how water, not lithium, is the resource Latin America should worry about: As fires, storms, and heat ravage large swathes of the planet, the world seems to have ramped up its efforts to address climate change. At the heart of this drive is the emergence of “climate tech” — a […]

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This Machine Runs on Water: Lithium in Latin America

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at the water usage and water pollution problem associated with South America’s lithium industry: Lithium is the next big mining boom given that the mineral can be utilized for lithium batteries which are currently, and for the foreseeable future, in high demand as the world craves green energy. South America […]

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