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Drought Leaves Southern Africa High and Dry

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how Southern Africa’s?worsening water crisis ravages crops, livestock and even the continent?s biggest waterfall: Every Monday at 8 p.m. since November, Bulawayo residents have gathered next to their toilets to prepare for a ritual that has come to be known as the big flush?another sign of a […]

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Botswana Capital’s Water-Supply Options Dry Up Amid Drought

Via Bloomberg, a report on the possibility that?South Africa may cut off supplies to Gaborone (Botswana’s capital, which lies 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from the border with South Africa) in October: The possible disconnection in October of water supplies to Gaborone from a South African dam is expected to deepen the crisis in Botswana?s capital, […]

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Southern Africa: A River Runs Through It

Via, a report on efforts of Angola, Namibia, and Botswana to work together to develop a framework for sharing the Okavango River: “Postwar Angola is keen to expand irrigation for much-needed development, Namibia is prioritising clean drinking water and sanitation, while Botswana wants to preserve the integrity of the world-renowned Okavango Delta for tourism. […]

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Positive Water Politics: South Africa and Botswana Work Together

From the Sunday Standard, news that Botswana and South Africa recently extended their bilateral relations by signing a cross boarder water agreement, aimed at improving the living standards of the people of the two southern African states.  As the article notes: “…The two countries, which share a long border, are signatories to two shared river […]

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