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Beyond Seasonable Drought: Precipitation Paucity Pushes Panama Towards A Precipice

Via The Economist, a look at how climate change threatens the Panama Canal: Take in the view from atop Gatun dam and fathom what is missing. Container ships float idly on Lake Gatun, near the midpoint of the Panama Canal, awaiting passage to the Caribbean sea, their gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. What look like […]

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The ‘Third Pole’: Very High and Drying

Via AirMail, a report on the issues of climate change on Asia’s water tower in the Himalaya: Many moons ago in Tibet, the Second Buddha transformed a fierce nyen (a malevolent mountain demon) into a neri (the holiest protective warrior god) called Khawa Karpo, who took up residence in the sacred mountain bearing his name. Khawa Karpo is the […]

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Pakistan’s Groundwater

Via Third Pole, a look at the more than 400 million acre feet of existing fresh water storage that exists in Pakistan’s riverine aquifers, and may be the key to managing the country’s water security: The groundwater system underneath Pakistan’s flowing rivers in the Indus plains has at least 400 million acre feet (MAF) of […]

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With Rising Temperatures, Stark Changes Ahead for Asia’s Water Tower

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on how the melting of the Hindu Kush Himalaya region will alter water supplies for a quarter of the planet’s people: New analysis shows that the eight-country region will warm faster than the rest of the world in the coming decades At least one-third of the glacial ice will […]

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Ethiopia Rejects Egyptian Proposal On Nile Dam Operation

Via Al Jazeera, a report on the disagreement over the annual flow of water that should be guaranteed to Egypt: Ethiopia has said it will not accept a proposal by Egypt on the operation of the hydropower dam Addis Ababa is building on the Nile, calling Cairo’s plan “inappropriate”. Sileshi Bekele, Ethiopia‘s minister for water, irrigation and energy, said […]

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The Parched Tiger: Will We Soon See Indian Water Refugees Heading for Water-Rich Nations?

Via Vice, commentary on the potential for hundreds of thousands of Indians becoming water refugees: As various reports show India approaching ‘Day Zero’ (the day when a place’s taps dry out and people have to stand in line to collect a daily quota of water), a top Indian expert has warned that Indians may soon become “water […]

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