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S. Asia Water Basin Supports 750 million, But 60% Is Contaminated

Via Nature World News, a sobering report on Asia’s water contamination crisis: A water crisis has hit southern Asia, but breaks with current global trends and is not caused by depletion of the resource. A large river basin is the main source of groundwater for more than 750 million people in Pakistan, India, Nepal and […]

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Iran Inks Water Deal With France, Sweden

Via The Iran Project, a report on Iran’s growing international outreach on water: The Iranian Energy Minister Chitchian has reported on signing of new water consumption management contracts with Swedish and French firms. Hamid Chitchian, on the sidelines of a meeting with the visiting French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal, pointed to capacities and potentials of […]

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Water Shortages Hit West Bank Palestinians, Provoking War Of Words

Via Reuters, a report on water shortages in Palestine: At the peak of a searing summer, Palestinians living in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank are suffering from severe water shortages, prompting a war of words between Palestinian and Israeli officials over who is responsible. The Palestinians say Israel is preventing them from accessing adequate […]

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Finding Water In The Desert: Water Security In The Middle East

Via The Cipher Brief, a look at water security in the Middle East / North Africa region: In 1979, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said that “the only matter which could take Egypt to war again is water.” That war may not have come yet, but the truth behind Sadat’s warning remains just as relevant today, […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Irrigation In China

Courtesy of China Water Risk, an interesting look at irrigation in China which – at 55% of total consumption – is the largest user of water in the nation:   Irrigation has played an important role in human civilization. China, along with ancient Egypt, India and Mesopotamia, is considered a ‘hydraulic civilization’. The Dujiangyan Irrigation System […]

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Israel: Can A New Source Of Water Help Reduce Conflict In The Middle East?

Via Ensia, a report on how Israel – once one of the world’s driest countries – is now overflowing with water and what it could mean for the region: Ten miles south of Tel Aviv, I stand on a catwalk over two concrete reservoirs the size of football fields and watch water pour into them […]

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