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The Thirsty Dragon: Water From South China To Reach More Beijingers By 2030

Via China Daily, an update on China’s plan to bring even more water from south China to Beijing: Beijing will build a new water channel along its sixth ring road to deliver water from the Yangtze River basin to a larger population.  Construction of the “underground sixth ring,” with designed water flow of 600 million […]

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The Parched Tiger: Water-Starved Farmers Take The Fizz Out Of Cola Giants

Via Hindustan Times, an article on the growing tension between Indian farmers and industrial consumers of water: M Tamil Mani, a paddy farmer, recalls grinning widely as he read the newspapers on November 22. A day earlier, the Madurai bench of the Madras high court had issued an interim stay on the supply of water […]

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Are India And Pakistan Set For Water Wars?

Via the BBC, a look at the Indian-Pakistani tensions over the Indus: India is stepping up efforts to maximise its water use from the western rivers of the Indus basin, senior officials have told the BBC. The move would involve building huge storage facilities and canals. The three rivers flow through Indian-administered Kashmir but most […]

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India Relaxes Stance On Indus Water Dispute

Via The Hindu, a report on how officials in India recently showed willingness to participate in talks with Pakistan over disputed hydroelectric projects in the Indus River Basin, despite earlier objections this month: Signalling a step back from tensions in the past month over the Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan, India said there was “no reason” the two […]

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Privatisation and Renewable Energy in the Saudi Arabian Water Sector

Via Future Directions International, a look at the Saudi Arabian water sector: The Middle East is one of the most water scarce regions in the world and Saudi Arabia, the largest arid country in the Arabian Peninsula, has limited natural sources of water. The Kingdom is projected to be among the ten most water-stressed countries in the […]

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Iran To Divert Water From Plants, Farms To Houses

Via the Iran Project, a report on some short-term plans to address Iran’s deepening water crisis: Iran says it is considering a plan to reduce the water supplies that are consumed in farms and industrial plants and instead divert them to the urban sector – a move that highlights concerns in Tehran over the implications […]

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