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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Belt and Road and the World’s Water Resources

Via Reconnecting Asia, an article on the impact of China’s BRI on the world’s water resources: Officially, a central purpose of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is to promote sustainable development. According to Chinese state media portrayals of the BRI’s objectives, “China is building a green ‘Belt and Road’ to protect the green mountains throughout […]

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The Parched Tiger: India To Cut Water to Pakistan As Kashmir Conflict Escalates

Via Foreign Policy, a report on how – in reprisal for a deadly terrorist attack in Kashmir – the Indian government says it will divert river waters that downstream Pakistan has been counting on: With tensions rising between India and Pakistan in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack earlier this month that killed more than 40 […]

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Collapsing Glaciers Threaten Asia’s Water Supplies

Via Nature, a study on the impact of shrinking glacial ice on Asia’s water supplies: The ‘third pole’ is the planet’s largest reservoir of ice and snow after the Arctic and Antarctic. It encompasses the Himalaya–Hindu Kush mountain ranges and the Tibetan Plateau. The region hosts the world’s 14 highest mountains and about 100,000 square […]

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Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Via Pakistan’s Technology Times, a look at the nation’s water crisis: Water is not only important to people and animals, but to plants as well. So, if we look deeper, it’s easy to see that if there was no water to feed the plants, there would be no oxygen for us. Water also provides us […]

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Asia’s Water Supply Endangered by Third Pole Warming

Via Glacier Hub, an article on the climatological and glacial changes in the ‘third pole’, which encompasses the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Karakoram and the Tibetan Plateau: It is well known that warming will deeply affect glaciers and ice at the poles. Many of the effects are observable today and will continue to impact wildlife, people, […]

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Water As A Weapon: A Historical Look

Via The Smithsonian, an article on the history of water being used as a weapon: It was a sultry-hot Sunday in August 2014 when ISIS came to the Iraqi town of Snune. Roaring around the flanks of Sinjar Mountain in the country’s far northwest, the black-clad fighters quickly seized whatever men, women and children hadn’t been able […]

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