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Drought Threatens Paraguay’s Economy

Via MercoPress, an article on how water levels in the Paraguay and Paraná Rivers are imperiling the country’s upcoming harvest, and causing problems for Paraguayan importers: Paraguayan exporters have decried over this weekend their latent concern about the Paraguay and Parana rivers’ low levels which might affect the grain season in January and February if no improvement […]

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Nile Dam Dispute Still Stalled Following US, GCC+3 Summit in Jeddah

Via Al Monitor, an article on how – although the leaders of Arab and Gulf countries, as well as the United States, expressed support for a diplomatic solution to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – many don’t believe this statement will revive the negotiations or push Ethiopia to end its unilateral measures: The summit in […]

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US: Committed To Egypt’s Water Security, Advancing A Resolution On GERD

Via Al Ahram, a report on the United States’ commitment to Egypt’s water security and advancing a resolution on GERD: US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa Ambassador Mike Hammer met with senior Egyptian officials on Monday to advance a diplomatic resolution for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that supports the water needs, economy […]

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How the Grand Renaissance Dam Might Spark Basin-Wide Water Cooperation

Via The Conversation, commentary on how the Grand Renaissance Dam might spark basin-wide water cooperation: Ethiopia’s on-going construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile River has attracted speculation that it could lead to a ‘water war’. There is no doubt that the dam has become a source of serious tension among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. […]

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Iraqi Kurd Farmers Battle Drought As Lake Dukan Retreats

Via Space War, an article on Iraqi Kurd farmers battling drought as Lake Dukan retreats: Farmers in Iraqi Kurdistan seeking to irrigate crops face seeing their economic lifeline slip away as the waters of Lake Dukan recede and dams upstream in Iran stem the flow. Bapir Kalkani, who is also a trade unionist, farms near the […]

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GERD: Turning Confrontation Into Cooperation

Via The Conversation, commentary on how to turn confrontation about Africa’s biggest hydropower dam to cooperation: Since Ethiopia announced the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in 2011, there have been disagreements between Egypt and Ethiopia on the filling and operation of the dam. With turbines of about 5100 MW it has more than two times […]

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