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Oman: Food And Water Security To 2025

Via Future Directions, a report on Oman’s food and water constraints in the decade ahead: Key Points Food security in Oman is currently maintained through a combination of domestic production, food imports and substantial government support. Despite comprehensive water management, Oman faces a high risk of water shortages and is one of the most water-stressed […]

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ISIS: Waging A ‘Water War’ In Southern Iraq

Via Business Insider, a report on how the IS ‘water war’ is drying out marshes in Southern Iraq: In the 1990s, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein drained the marshes of southern Iraq in order to punish the indigenous Shi’ite tribes that opposed him after the first Gulf War. The desiccation of the marshes destroyed wildlife and the […]

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The World’s Most Hostile International Water Basins

Via New Security Beat, an interesting report on the World’s most hostile international water basins: At the launch of A New Climate for Peace, a new report on climate-fragility risks produced for the G7 by a consortium of international partners including the Wilson Center, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator Christian Holmes called water a common denominator for climate […]

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Caribbean Facing Widespread Drought And Water Shortages

Via Huffington Post, a report on the drought impacting the Caribbean region: The worst drought in five years is creeping across the Caribbean, prompting officials around the region to brace for a bone dry summer. From Puerto Rico to Cuba to the eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia, crops are withering, reservoirs are drying up […]

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Laudato Si’ And Water: The Vatican’s Encyclical Letter And Global Water Challenges

Via the Huffington Post, a look at the role of water in the Vatican’s recent encyclical about climate change, in which the Pope warned against the control of water by corporations and businesses, as well as the hazards of water contamination: The official text of the much-anticipated Vatican’s Encyclical Letter, “Laudato Si’” (“On Care for our Common Home”) […]

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Tap Dance: Water’s Effect On Arab-Israeli Relations

Via the Christian Science Monitor, a report on how water may drive better cooperation between Israel and its thirsty Arab neighbours: The dramatic increase in Israel’s water supply over the past five years has opened the way for potential cooperation with its thirsty Arab neighbors. With a surplus of water – and that includes last […]

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