Great Lakes Compact: Loose Ends Not Bottled Up?
As recently reported by AlterNet, there are a few analysts who charge that the Great Lakes compact, as written, will [...]
Canada Dry…?
As recently reported by CBC, Canada’s stores of fresh water  – according to a recent internal federal govemnment study – [...]
Water Wars Forthcoming?
Several recent articles from the UK with opinions on how wars of the next few decades could be fought over [...]
The Thirsty Dragon: The Sino-Kazakh Water Dispute Flows Downstream
An insightful analysis of the issue of water rights and management between Kazakhstan and China, who share some 20 transboundary [...]
Water Wars of the West: Is History Repeating Itself with The Next Owens Valley / Aral Sea?
Many commentators are convinced that the major conflicts of the future will be over water rather than oil. There is [...]
A Boon(e) for Water Pipelines?
As recently featured in Popular Mechanics, legendary Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is in the planning stages of a $1.5 [...]

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