Water Scarcity in Asia
Via The Jakarta Post, an interesting discussion of water scarcity in Asia. While the focus is on China (as we [...]
Conflict, Cooperation, and the New ‘Great Game’ in the Kura-Araks Basin of the South Caucasus
As recently highlighted by the Water SISWEB, the Kura-Araks Basin of the South Caucasus may be the scene of conflict, [...]
Water – Energy Links in Central Asia
A second excellent piece from the Brookings Insitution details Central Asia’s opportunities and challenges to make better and more efficient [...]
Serious Regional Water Crisis Looming: Central Asia
A highly informative piece recently published by Brookings examines the current and coming water ‘crisis’ facing Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, [...]
India: Water Conflicts “Are The Most Vexing”
As recently reported in The Times of India, fears are growing that India’s water crisis is likely to get more [...]
Positive Water Politics: South Africa and Botswana Work Together
From the Sunday Standard, news that Botswana and South Africa recently extended their bilateral relations by signing a cross boarder [...]

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