Central Asia: Facing a Compound Crisis of Water, Energy, and Food
From The Brookings Institution, more analysis on the chronic water and energy shortages in parts of Central Asia that – [...]
Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Hydropower, and Central Asia’s Water
As we have discussed previously and as recently noted by WaterWired, there are a number of difficult issues faced by [...]
Water Power: Tajik Style
From The New York Times, a very interesting analysis of how Tajikistan – the source of more than 40 percent [...]
The Mekong: A Flood of Worry About The Impact of China’s Dams
Via Japan Focus, a detailed look at the impact that major floods of the Mekong have had upon Southeast Asia, [...]
Australia: On The Frontier Of A Global Rush To Commercialize Water.
Via The International Herald Tribune, an interesting article examining Australia pioneering efforts of what is likely soon to become a [...]
Time For Northwest To Cash In Its Water?
As recently discussed in The Oregonian, parched Southwest U.S. states recently considered ways they might bring more water to the [...]

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