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Groundwater: Transboundary Aquifers Between U.S. and Mexico

Via the Permanent Forum on Binational Waters, a look at fresh research highlighting the significance of groundwater in the context of transboundary aquifers between Mexico and the United States: Water has emerged as a precious resource, increasingly scarce, making the understanding and management of groundwater, especially at borders, all the more crucial. This is why […]

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The Colorado River: Significantly Decline Due to Climate Change

Via Scripps News, a look at how rising temperatures have sucked more than 10 trillion gallons of water out of the Colorado River Basin between 2000 and 2021: The Colorado River is an artery that pumps millions of gallons of water to tens of millions of people in the Southwestern United States. And as much […]

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Mekong: A Vital Regional River Can Be a Route for U.S. Diplomacy

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a commentary that U.S. President Biden’s Vietnam deals should center on the Mekong: On Sept. 10, Joe Biden pays his first visit to Vietnam as U.S. president, where he is expected to ink a deal to elevate the U.S.-Vietnam relationship from “comprehensive” to “comprehensive strategic”—the highest level of Vietnam’s diplomatic hierarchy. […]

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Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan Conclude GERD Negotiations Without Any Significant Progress

Via the Addis Standard, a report that Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan concluded their recent GERD negotiations without any significant progress: Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have wrapped up two days of tripartite negotiation on the first filling and annual operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on Monday, agreeing to continue the negotiation in September […]

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Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan Resume Talks on Nile River Dam, But Obstacles Remain

Via Al Monitor, a report on resumed talks around GERD, but obstacles remain: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have resumed talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, though a final agreement on the Nile River mega-dam remains elusive and faces several challenges. The latest round of talks began on Sunday in Cairo between the three countries. Egypt […]

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Feds Ease Up On Colorado River Restrictions – For Now

Via Grist, an article on how this year’s wet winter helped save the river from collapse, but a reckoning is on the horizon: The water shortage crisis on the Colorado River is improving, but it’s far from over. That was the message from the Biden administration on Tuesday, as officials announced they would loosen water restrictions on […]

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