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Why Is the Colorado River Running Dry?

Via Mother Jones, an article on the impact – not just of drought – but the impact of putting sacred cows above farmers, cities, and a secure future on the Colorado River: The Colorado River seen flowing south from Lake Powell through the Navajo NationRussel Albert Daniels Water is life. It’s also big business. In […]

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US Groundwater Is Being Shipped Overseas

Via Mother Jones, a commentary on how Western states are selling off their aquifers to China and Gulf States: Alfalfa hay is a water-intensive crop, and exporting it is equivalent to exporting precious groundwater.Jack Richardson Water is life. It’s also big business. In our November + December 2023 issue, Mother Jones dives into the West’s […]

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The Global Race for Water in the Arizona Desert

Via Mother Jones, a podcast on a surprising contributor to the water crisis in the American West: Bales of hay are stored under shelters at Al Dahra Farms in the McMullen Valley in Wenden, Arizona. John Locher/AP Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters. Nine […]

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Why the Warming Himalaya Are A Water Crisis for Half of Asia

Via Spotify, an interesting podcast on As the planet warms, with north India’s plains sweltering under an unprecedented heat wave, Himalayan glaciers are melting faster than ever before. On current trends, glaciers in just the Eastern Himalayas, which include Nepal and Bhutan, will lose up to 75 per cent of their ice in the near […]

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India and Pakistan Can Future-Proof Their Threatened Rivers

Via OneWater, a look at how India and Pakistan can future-proof their threatened rivers: > India has signalled its intention to re-negotiate the Indus Water Treaty > Climate change has profoundly impacted the rivers governed by the Treaty > To future-proof their rivers, leaders in India and Pakistan will need to shape a different approach […]

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Arizona Tribes Were Left Out of Water Decisions Until 1908. Here’s How They Negotiate Today

Via KJZZ, a report on how Arizona tribes, which were left out of water decisions until 1908, negotiate today: Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes. Each is trying to tap into the state’s ever-shrinking supplies of surface and groundwater, and, most of all, the Colorado River, following decades of exclusion. Why do tribes […]

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