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Dozens of Colorado Farmers, Ranchers and One City offer to Cut Colorado River Water Use for $8.7M

Via Colorado Sun, a look at a Colorado River conservation program which aims to keep water in the river system as years of prolonged drought and overuse have threatened the water supply for millions of people by paying cash to those who reduce their water use: Coloradans gunning to join this year’s effort to save […]

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Colorado River Rescue Plan: North vs. South in the West

Via The Desert Sun, a look at the status of the Colorado River rescue plan: Will seven Western states be able to rapidly craft a voluntary plan to keep the Colorado River afloat for decades to come? It’s increasingly unclear, as negotiations have foundered between two sides, according to key players.  There are sharp differences […]

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With Climate Change, Colorado River Officials Peer Into Muddy Future

Via the Washington Post, a report on efforts to use innovative, web-based tools to predict the Colorado River’s future flows: To ensure that the Colorado River can remain a lifeline for 40 million people, the federal government is looking for answers in the extremes of the distant past and the warnings of a hotter future. In a low-slung […]

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Romancing the River: The Appropriation Doctrine – and Its Appropriation

Via Sibley’s Rivers, commentary on the Colorado River Compact and the appropriation doctrine: ‘The single biggest roadblock to solving the problem of stabilizing the river is the priority system.’ – Tom Buschatzke, Director of Arizona’s ? Department of Water Resource Last post, I laid out some reasons why the water mavens now engaged in mapping […]

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Brazil-Bolivia Dam Reignites Debates on Hydropower in the Amazon

Via Diálogo Chino, a look at how communities have pushed back on a proposed Ribeirão dam, a joint initiative by Brazil and Bolivia on the Madeira River, decrying dams’ impacts and seeking alternatives in solar: On a hot August day in the city of Guajará-Mirim, in Brazil’s Rondônia state, more than 140 people packed into a […]

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Agriculture Built These U.S. High Plains Towns, But Now It Might Run Them Dry

Via Stateline, an article on efforts by rural midwestern towns to keep their sole water source – the Ogalla Aquifer – intact: Brownie Wilson pulls off a remote dirt road right through a steep ditch and onto a farmer’s field. He hops out of his white Silverado pickup, mud covering nearly all of it except […]

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