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What Would A Nile Deal Mean For Other Nile River States?

Via The Conversation, commentary on the what a potential Nile River deal would mean for other Nile River states: Egypt and Ethiopia have waged a diplomatic war of words over Ethiopia’s massive new dam – the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – on the Blue Nile, which started filling up in July 2020. The political row […]

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Drought-Hit North Africa Turns to Purified Sea and Wastewater

Via Terra Daily, a look at how drought-hit North Africa has turned to purified sea and wastewater: From Tunisia to Morocco, sun-baked North Africa has embarked on a building spree of plants that purify sea and wastewater as climate change intensifies droughts in the water-scarce region.Across the Maghreb region, which takes in parts of the […]

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Egypt, Ethiopia Agree To Reach Deal On Controversial Dam In Four Months

Via Terra Daily, a report that Egypt and Ethiopia have agreed to reach deal on the controversial GERD dam in four months: Egypt and Ethiopia agreed Thursday to finalise a deal over Ethiopia’s controversial mega-dam on the Blue Nile within four months, a breakthrough after years of tensions between the two countries.The massive $4.2-billion Grand Ethiopian […]

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920 Million People Could Face Conflict Over The World’s Rivers by 2050

Via The Conversation, a report that 920 million people could face conflict over the world’s rivers by 2050: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on the Nile River started operating in February 2022. It reinforced tensions between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. The three countries rely most heavily on the Nile’s water. Sudan and Egypt consider the US$4.6 billion […]

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How Will the Conflict in Sudan Impact Egypt’s Stance over GERD?

Via Al-Awsat, an article on how the conflict in Sudan may impact Egypt’s stance over GERD: The fighting between the Sudanese military and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has raised concerns that it may affect the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) file as Ethiopia prepares for its fourth filling of the dam on the Nile River. […]

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GERD Is A Fait Accompli, So It’s Time To Manage It A Shared Resource

Via ISSAfrica, commentary on the now irreversible GERD dam project and the need to managed it as both an Ethiopian and a shared resource: With the fourth annual filling looming in June and construction about 90% complete, the contentious Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and hydro-electric power plant on the Blue Nile seems to have […]

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