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Iran Water Protesters Attack Afghan Vehicles

Via Terra Daily, a report on?Iran water protesters who recently attacked Afghan vehicles: Protesters in Iran’s southeast attacked trucks belonging to Afghan drivers during a demonstration on Friday over water rights for a river that flows from Afghanistan, Iranian state media said. Demonstrators from Sistan-Baluchestan province, which shares a frontier with Afghanistan, rallied at a […]

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In Sign Of Deepening Ties, Taliban Increases Afghanistan’s Water Flow To Iran

Via RadioLiberty, an article on Afghanistan’s recent release of water to Iran: Iran helped the United States topple the Taliban?s brutal regime in Afghanistan in 2001. But more than 20 years later, after U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban regained power, the once sworn enemies have become allies. Differences remain between Afghanistan?s Sunni […]

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Afghanistan Sends Water To Iran

Via Ariana News, a report on Afghanistan’s recent decision to open the floodgates of Kamal Khan Dam, sending water to Iran: Iranian news outlets have reported that Afghan authorities on Wednesday opened two of the Kamal Khan Dam floodgates after good rainfall in the area. According to IRNA news, the water released from the dam, […]

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Afghanistan Shrivels in Worst Drought in Decades

Via The Diplomat, a report on Afghanistan’s drought which – along with the fighting – has contributed to displacing over 700,000 people from their homes this year: Hajji Wali Jan brought a half-dozen plastic containers to the well in Kamar Kalagh on a recent Friday ? one of the handful of days each week he […]

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In Afghanistan, Drought Drives an Uptick in Child Marriage

Via Undark, a tragic story about drought’s impact in Afghanistan: “In March of last year,?Rabia and her two young daughters were forced to leave their home in northern Afghanistan. While facing the threat of increased violence, their village was also in the midst of a severe drought that strained the water supply and devastated crops. […]

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In Afghanistan, Political Upheaval Aggravates Drought-Fueled Famine

Via Circle of Blue, a sad report of how political turmoil has thrust Afghanistan -?which has facing a drought-induced hunger crisis since last year – into famine: Well before Afghanistan?s political upheaval this summer, drought was pushing the country to the brink of a food crisis. Now, a whirlwind of risk factors have accelerated the […]

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