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Afghan Farmers: Helmand Province Should Receive Water Before Iran

Via The Frontier Post, an article on the growing tension between Afghanistan and Iran over water in the Helmand River: Some farmers and residents of the province of Helmand urged the current government to avoid bringing up the topic of water rights with Iran at this time. According to them, the whole country, especially Helmand, […]

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Afghan Canal A Test For Taliban Ties In Water-Stressed Central Asia

Via Radio Free Europe, commentary on a planned new Afghan canal which will parch an already water-stressed Central Asia: When the Taliban returned to power in 2021 in a lightning military insurrection that toppled Afghanistan’s internationally recognized government, the country immediately fell into diplomatic isolation. Two of Kabul’s neighbors to the north, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, […]

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Taliban Megaproject Could Leave Central Asian Region Without Water

Via , a report on that Taliban’s mega canal project: In Central Asia, the already complicated issue of transboundary waters has become aggravated again. Afghanistan is actively implementing a project to build a giant Koshtepa canal in Balkh province on the border with Turkmenistan. The start of its construction was announced a year ago, AN reports.  The […]

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The Taliban Are Digging An Enormous Canal

Via The Economist, a report on a mega-project in northern Afghanistan that risks raising regional tensions: Taliban officials have started talking up a new canal under construction in the arid north of Afghanistan. A video recently posted on YouTube shows shiny diggers roaring over sand dunes and workers from different ethnic groups toiling together. The Islamist […]

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Iran-Afghanistan Tensions Now Rising Over Water

Via Fair Observer, an article on rising tensions between Iran and Afghanistan over the Helmand River: The dispute over the Helmand River between Iran and Afghanistan is an old one. In the 1870s, when Afghanistan was still under British control, the border between the neighbors was drawn along the main branch of the river. Helmand is […]

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Afghanistan’s Kamal Khan Dam and the Helmand River Treaty

Via The Diplomat a look at the controversy over Afghanistan’s Kamal Khan Dam despite the fact that the Helmand River Treaty nor customary international law denies Afghanistan the right to construct dams over the Helmand River: The opening of the Kamal Khan Dam in March 2021 reignited an old dispute between Iran and Afghanistan over the allocation […]

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