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The Great Dry North?

As noted in The Calgary Sun, one of the greatest myths deceiving Canadians may be the fact that – while other parts of the world watch their lands dry out and their taps run dry – Canadians rest comfortably in the belief that we possess 20% of the world’s freshwater supplies. As the article notes: “…Twenty […]

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Rescuing The Niger River

As reported by Terra Daily, international donors have pledged almost one billion euros to save Africa’s Niger river, which runs across 4,200-kilometres through Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria, and is the lifeblood for 110 million people. So, in this case, an example of water politics working in the positive. As the article notes: “…the money […]

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The Aral Sea and Other Water Issues in Central Asia

As reported by the Foreign Policy Association, World Bank President and former US diplomat Robert B. Zoellick recently met with President Nazarbayev and the Kazak government to discuss several joint World Bank/Kazak projects. As the article notes: “…another key project that needs to garner not just attention, but action: the disappearing Aral Sea. The Aral […]

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Hydro-angst between Pakistan and India

From The Pakistan Daily Times, an interesting analysis of the controversial Kishanganga project which Pakistan claims would reduce the power generation capacity of the 969-megawatt Neelum-Jhelum plant and result in an ecological disaster for the area. As the article notes: “…When Pakistan and India signed the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) in 1960, it was thought […]

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India & Pakistan: Impending Water Fights?

As recently reported by Reuters, there is increasing speculation that the current global crisis over food shortages and high oil prices may prove to be an indicator that water is going to replace Kashmir as the main irritant between India and Pakistan.  As the article notes: “…Water is destined to be a determining factor in […]

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Water: A Determining Factor in Future Regional Conflicts in South Asia

Via The Asia Sentinel, an insightful look at how the decades-old competition for water complicates the already-bitter relationship between India and her neighbors.  As the article notes: “…Water is destined to be a determining factor in the regional conflicts of South Asia in the years to come, particularly between India and Pakistan. Unquestionably one of […]

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