Greece To Sell Water to Cyprus

As reported by Terra Daily, Greece has signed a deal with Cyprus to sell eight million cubic metres (280 million cubic feet) of water to the drought-hit island. According to the article:

“…Cyprus is facing a major drought problem and asked for our help,” Greek Environment and Public Works Minister George Souflias told reporters.

“We wish we could send more but at present we can manage only eight million cubic metres.

“We will look into whether we can send a larger quantity,” Souflias said.

Cyprus Agriculture Minister Polynikis Haralambidis said the island has “minimal” water reserves.

“We have 17 million cubic metres when our desired level is 66-70 million,” he said.

Greece will sell Cyprus the water at 0.6 euros (93 cents) per cubic metre.

The Cypriot government in April signed a similar agreement with the Ocean Tanker company that undertook to ferry water in six tankers.

Greece has itself seen its water reserves dwindle in recent years due to low rainfall and poor resource management but Souflias on Thursday said no emergency conditions were expected this summer.”

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