ADB Forecasts An “Unprecedented” Water Crisis in Asia Within a Decade

As reported in Reuters, the Asian Development Bank released a new report entitled “Asian Water Development Outlook” on Asia’s impending water crisis. As the report notes:

“…Developing countries in Asia could face an “unprecedented” water crisis within a decade due to mismanagement of water resources…

…The effects of climate change, rapid industrialisation and population growth on water resources could lead to health and social issues that could cost billions of dollars annually.

“…If the present unsatisfactory trends continue, in one or two decades, Asian developing countries are likely to face and cope with a crisis on water quality management that is unprecedented in human history….”

“…Water quality management has mostly been a neglected issue in Asian developing member countries. The annual economic cost is likely to be billions of dollars….”

With its rapid pace of development and fast-growing population, Asia is going to be at the forefront of the global freshwater crisis in the years ahead. I urge anyone with an interest in that part of the world to read through the report to get a first-hand sense of the challenges at hand.

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