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What Can Be Done About Mexico’s Water Debt to the U.S.?

Via Rio Grande Guardian, an interesting interview about U.S.-Mexican water relations: The availability of water for Rio Grande Valley residents and farmers has always been a top issue for Jim Darling. The former mayor of McAllen is president of the Rio Grande Regional Water Authority. He always gives updates on the water levels at Falcon […]

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Rio Grande: Slipping Into A Sandbed

Via SourceNM, a report on a disappearing Rio Grande due to the U.S. southwest’s ongoing drought: The respite from intense, deadly heat waves won’t last long. And it looks like the monsoon will suffer for it, according to New Mexico forecasters. Globally, July has been the hottest month in recorded history, a preliminary analysis from international […]

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U.S. Southwest’s Great River Is Dying

Via the World Wildlife Fund, a sobering look at America’s Rio Grande River: The iconic Rio Grande, or “Great River,” is at risk of losing its greatness. Water overuse and climate change have heavily depleted the once-mighty flow of the river, creating desperate conditions for the farming communities and natural ecosystems that depend on it. […]

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Drifting Toward Disaster: The (Second) Rio Grande

Via Inside Climate News, commentary on how a century of enterprise brought the Rio Grande to its brink and now authorities are “praying for a hurricane” as reservoirs dwindle and populations boom on both sides of the Mexico-Texas border: This summer, the Rio Grande dried up in places that it never had before. For more than 100 […]

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The Rio Grande/Río Bravo Basin: old disputes in a new century

Via the Global Water Forum, an article on the lingering disputes over the Rio Grande and Río Bravo basin: The Rio Grande River, known in Mexico as the Río Bravo, is one of the principal rivers in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Originating in Colorado in the U.S., the Rio Grande flows over 3,000 […]

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The Drying of the Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers

Via Yale Climate Connections, a look at the impact of the historic drought plaguing two of North America’s threatened rivers: National TV, cable, and other mass media outlets have been brimming with news that much of the American West is into its longest drought in 1,200 years. What does this mean for some of the […]

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