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The Thirsty Dragon: Mekong Water Use Tests China’s Claimed ‘Good-Neighborliness’

Via The Pacific Forum, a look at China’s use of Mekong River water: China claims to be a uniquely benevolent international actor—a great power that, unlike other great powers past and present, does not practice “power politics” (self-interested bullying of smaller states) and is not “selfish” or warlike. The PRC government styles itself as the custodian of principles […]

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Potential Solutions for Vietnam’s Water Scarce Delta

Via East Asia Forum, a look at potential solutions for the water-scarce Mekong Delta: The 21st century has seen a rapid increase in the number of countries in the Global South experiencing water scarcity. In the Mekong region, environment–development conflicts driven by climate change and upstream hydropower development jeopardise water supply in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD). […]

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The Vietnamese Climate Trap

Via The Globe & Mail, a report on how – as rising seas ruin crops – Mekong Delta farmers are moving to big cities, straining their finances and families – but for most, migration is not an option. Their stories challenge conventional wisdom on what ‘climate refugees’ look like and where they go: 1. Farmer […]

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No Mainstream: The Mekong’s Competing Definitions

Courtesy of The Diplomat, an article on how – both within and between nations – Southeast Asia’s largest river gives rise to competing, and in some cases conflicting, notions: Last September, during a Thailand-Australia Policy Dialogue organized by the Asia Foundation and the Australian National University in Canberra, I was reminded of the ice-breaking exercise […]

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Laos Takes Another Step Forward on Controversial Mekong Dam

Courtesy of The Diplomat, an article on continued progress towards the new China-backed Pak Lay hydropower project, one of nine dams that the Lao government has planned for the Mekong River: Yesterday, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that Thai and Chinese investors have signed a power purchase agreement that opens the way to the construction of a […]

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 Dammed Thirsty: The Cross-Border Fight For Water

Via Terra Daily, a look at some of the world’s cross-border fights for water: With half the world experiencing water scarcity for at least part of the year, the huge dams being built by some countries to boost their power supplies while their neighbours go parched are a growing source of potential conflict.Ahead of a […]

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