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Colorado River in Crisis: A Los Angeles Times Documentary

Via the Los Angeles Times, a new documentary that examines the Colorado River and how the Southwest is grappling with the water crisis: The Colorado River can no longer withstand the thirst of the arid West. Water drawn from the river flows to millions of people in cities from Denver to Los Angeles and irrigates […]

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San Diego Selling Back Some Pricey Colorado River Water for Cheaper Met Water

Via Voice of San Diego, an article on a deal between formerly warring parties that could generate more water supplies in the drying West: A trade deal is brewing between major southern California water agencies to help restock a major reservoir on the drought-stricken Colorado River and meet federal demands to cut back use.   San […]

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20 Farming Families Use More Colorado River Water Than Some Western States

Via Pro Publica, a look at how – despite the fact that, tens of millions of people and millions of acres of farmland rely on the Colorado River’s water – a small number of farmers get more water from the river than entire states: As the Colorado River snakes through the deserts of the Southwest […]

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Feds Bet on Paying for Water Conservation to Protect the Colorado River

Via Inside Climate News, a report that Arizona and other states have agreed to use considerably less water from the river through 2026, thanks in part to a wet winter: Arizona’s future was at a critical juncture at the beginning of 2023.  Massive cuts to the state’s Colorado River water supply were being imposed. Deadlines loomed […]

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Colorado Squeezing Water from Urban Landscapes

Via Big Pivots, a look at how how Colorado is navigating a world in which headwaters state struggles to embrace limits of water supply in a warming, likely drying climate: Like weekly haircuts for men, a regularly mowed lawn of Kentucky bluegrass was long a prerequisite for civic respectability in Colorado’s towns and cities. That […]

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Colorado River Crisis Averted?

Via The Land Desk, commentary on the US federal government’s federal proposal to cut Lower Basin water use which is a start, but dry winters in the next three years could send the river back to the brink of a crisis: Maybe by now you’ve heard that the collective users of the Colorado River have […]

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