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‘Water Is More Valuable Than Oil’: The Corporation Cashing In On America’s Drought

Via The Guardian, an article on an unprecedented deal in which a private company purchased land in a tiny Arizona town – and sold its water rights to a suburb 200 miles away. Local residents fear the agreement has ‘opened Pandora’s box’: One of the biggest battles over Colorado River water is being staged in […]

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Addressing the Colorado River Crisis

Via the Stanford Report, commentary on the future of water in the Southwest: Low water levels reveal the rocky shores of Lake Powell, formed by the damming of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, near Page, Arizona. (Image credit: Getty Images) Sustaining the American Southwest is the Colorado River. But demand, damming, diversion, […]

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Water & Power Collide In Proposed $100 Million Colorado River Deal

Via Tuscon Sentinel, an article on the water/energy trade offs in a proposed $100 million Colorado River deal: Colorado’s Glenwood Canyon is as busy as it is majestic. At the base of its snowy, near-vertical walls, the narrow chasm hums with life. On one side, the Colorado River tumbles through whitewater rapids. On the other, cars […]

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Thirsty TSMC and Parched Arizona An Unlikely But Workable Pair

Via Fortune, an article on how – while water-guzzling chipmaker TSMC and drought-plagued Arizona are an unlikely pair – officials say Phoenix’s water supply can handle booming production: The Commerce Department announced Monday it pledged up to $6.6 billion to Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC, which will add a third chip manufacturing facility in Arizona to the two […]

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Navajo Nation’s Long Fight To Secure Drinking Water

Via the Los Angeles Times, an article on the Navajo’s long fight to secure access to drinking water for all of their people: Gilarya Begaye looks out across the brush-blanketed pastures, red-dirt plains and flat-topped mesas that surround her home in the Navajo Nation. “Everywhere I’ve ever moved, it never felt like home,” says Begaye, […]

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Lithium Companies Fight Over Water in the Arid Great Basin

Via Inside Climate News, an article on the fight between water and clean energy in the US southwest: Over the past few decades, the United States has imported most of its lithium from Chile and Argentina, but there’s one major domestic source of the mineral—Nevada. Clayton Valley, a remote basin in the nation’s driest state, […]

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