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Running Out of Water: Conflict and Water Scarcity in Yemen and Syria

Via the Atlantic Council, an article on conflict and water scarcity in Yemen and Syria: Photo: People gather around a charity tanker truck to fill up their jerrycans with drinking water in Bajil of the Red Sea province of Hodeidah, Yemen July 29, 2017. Water scarcity may not be the most apparent driver of conflict, […]

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US Decisions Can Worsen Yemen’s Water Crisis or Alleviate it

Via The Atlantic Council, a report on how – in Yemen – if the US and Saudi backed coalition truly wants to turn the tide of war in their favor, its key concern should be water, not warheads: Yemen is currently facing the region’s most severe water crisis. More than half of the population does […]

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“Doha Has Just Three Days’ Supply”: Are Water Shortages The Biggest Threat To The Middle East?

Courtesy of CityMetric, a sobering look at water shortages in the Middle East: Date farms at Liwa Oasis, United Arab Emirates. Those who visit the Middle East and North Africa from more temperate climates are often struck with how hot and dry the region is, and how scarce its rainfall. Some wonder why cities became […]

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Water Scarcity: Major Factor In Middle East Tensions

Via Water Online, an article on the impact that water scarcity is having upon Middle East tension: Water crises in the Middle East are helping “radicalize” the region, according to VICE. The inaccessibility of clean drinking water, water scarcity, drought, and food insecurity all combine to “make communities vulnerable—especially to extremist groups. By either providing water access […]

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Yemen: Food, Water And The ‘Slow Motion Coup’

Courtesy of Future Directions International, a look at the intrinsic link between Yemen’s food and water insecurity and its political and social instability:  Key Points Yemen is the most food insecure country in the Middle East and has the eighth-worst hunger rate globally. Currently, over 10 million Yemenis, or 42.5 per cent of the population, are […]

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Yemen’s Water Crisis: As Nation Dries, Economy Withers

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of Yemen’s water crisis: For all that is said about water scarcity, the term is somewhat misused. Oftentimes, water becomes more difficult to access or becomes more expensive; on a countrywide scale, it remains available in most cases. But some countries are actually running out of water. Yemen is […]

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