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Navigating Water Conflict in Central Asia: The Amu Darya River and the Qosha Tepa Canal Project

Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on growing water tensions in Central Asia: In the post-Soviet era, Central Asia experienced a pronounced upsurge in geopolitical tensions, significantly shifting the focus toward the pressing matter of the water conflict between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. At the crux of this contentious issue lies the Amu Darya River, a pivotal […]

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Water: A Barrier to Central Asia’s Rise?

Via Geopolitical Futures, a look at how Central Asia’s growing role could be hampered by a long-standing problem – water scarcity: Amid growing Western pressure and changes throughout Eurasia, regions that were once considered on the Eurasian periphery are now gaining significance. Chief among them is Central Asia, a region that was historically considered part […]

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Iran Warns of Caspian Sea’s Shrinking Coastline

Via Tasnim News, a report on climate change’s impact on the Caspian Sea: Iran’s mission to the UN office in Geneva warned that the Caspian Sea’s water levels have been dropping according to satellite images provided by the Iranian Space Agency. In a post on X, the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations […]

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Water Conflicts Loom in Central Asia

Via Institute for War and Peace Reporting, a look at how an ambitious infrastructure project in Afghanistan risks exacerbating scarcities in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as the Qosh Tepa irrigation canal will direct the water from the Amu Darya river to the country’s arid northern region reducing the supply for downstream Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan: An irrigation […]

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The Water Wars Coming to Central Asia

Via Foreign Policy, a report on rising water tensions in Central Asia where the situation has been bad for decades, but the Taliban threaten to make them worse: In Turkmenistan, household faucets are running dry and locusts are devouring crops. In Kazakhstan, a state of emergency has been declared as the Caspian Sea shrinks to […]

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Water Crisis Looming: Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan’s Imperative for The Grand Afghan Canal

Via the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR), analysis of the water crisis looking between Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan: In March 2022, the self-proclaimed Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan set in motion an ambitious plan for the Qosh Tepa irrigation canal, a potential lifeline for drought-ridden Afghanistan. However, its construction casts a looming shadow over Uzbekistan […]

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