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‘Bad Days Await’: Istanbul Dams Run Low In Summer Heat

Via Terra Daily, a report on Istanbul’s growing water scarcity crisis: The bank of screens in Ismail Aydin’s Istanbul water management system control room flashes a worrying number: 29.7 percent.That is the capacity level to which Istanbul’s water reservoirs have dropped after another steamy summer put Turkey’s largest city on the edge of a potential […]

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Water and Climate Change Will Shape Iraq-Turkey Relations

Via Foreign Policy Research Institute, a look at how water and climate change will shape Iraq-Turkey relations: BOTTOM LINE Water and climate change will be at the center of Iraq-Turkish relations for years to come. There is a mismatch of priorities on the Turkish and Iraqi sides, with security constituting the most urgent element for […]

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Climate Change Threatens Turkey’s Role as a Food Supplier to Europe and the Middle East

Via The Turkey Analyst, a look at the impact that climate change-driven water scarxity is having upon Turkey’s role as a food supplier to Europe and Middle East: The persistence of high food inflation in Turkey belies a deeper problem. Turkish agrifood production cannot adequately cope with increasing water scarcity due to climate change. Challenging […]

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Water Politics in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin

Via the Arab Center in Washington DC, a look at water politics in the Tigris-Euphrates Basin: While energy security and the control of oil have long been determining factors for geopolitical conflict in the Middle East, the region’s geopolitics have also, in important ways, been shaped by issues around access to water. Whether along the […]

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Dam-nation: Recent Earthquakes Have Shaken Middle Eastern Confidence In Dams

Via The Economist, a report on how February’s earthquakes have damaged the Middle East’s dams: The Turkish authorities announced on March 30th that 140 dams had been inspected since two earthquakes hit southern Turkey and northern Syria in February. None, they insisted, was seriously damaged. Still, many in the Middle East remain fearful about the […]

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Turkey’s Dams Bring Power and Heartbreak

Via Foreign Policy, a report on the impact of Turkey’s hydropower ambitions: Standing on a hilltop overlooking the vast Kackar mountain range in Turkey’s northeastern Artvin province, residents of Yusufeli are slowly watching their town drown. Each day, the water rises an estimated 3 feet, erasing gardens, graveyards, and streets; then come houses, historical churches, […]

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