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Facing a Future of Drought, Spain Turns to Medieval Solutions and ‘Ancient Wisdom’

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on how Spain is excavating acequias, a network of water channels created by the Moors over 1,000 years ago, to adapt to the crises of climate change: High in Spain’s southern mountains, 40 or so people armed with pitchforks and spades cleared stones and piles of grass […]

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Water Politics In Europe: A New Fault Line

Courtesy of The Guardian, commentary on the need – as drought becomes the norm – for creative European politics solutions to deal with a new, parched reality: In April, Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, suggested that severe drought would become “one of the central political and territorial debates of our country in the coming years”. That […]

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Water Woes Shake Up Spain’s Election Campaign

Via Seed Daily, a report on the impact that drought is having upon Spanish election campaign activities: Concern over the future of Spain’s Donana natural park, which is threatened by overfarming, has made water management a key issue ahead of local elections at the end of May.Spain’s water resources are becoming exhausted while its irrigation […]

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Simmering Global Water Tension As Hot, Dry Summer Looms

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, some hotspots for water tension as a hot, dry summer looms: Sun-baked fields and dusty reservoirs dot the landscape of southern Spain. Travel east in the Mediterranean and Tunisia is cutting urban water service at night to conserve supplies amid a harsh, multi-year drought. In the Horn of Africa, meanwhile, […]

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Spain To Spend 2.2B Euros To Tackle Drought

Via Terra Daily, a report on Spain’s investment to tackle drought: Spain’s cabinet on Thursday approved measures worth more than two billion euros to alleviate the impact of a prolonged drought that has hit its key agricultural sector. The country’s water reserves are on average below 50 percent of capacity, while levels have fallen to […]

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Drought-Stricken Spain Is Running Dry

Via CNN, a report on Spain’s drought: Standing in his field of stunted, withered maize, Santi Caudevilla is very worried. “If the weather does not change it will be zero. Nothing is going to be harvested,” he said. Caudevilla, who grows maize, sorghum and other crops in Gimenells in Catalonia, has been hit hard by the severe drought which […]

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