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Saudi Arabia’s Massive Water Network Project

Saudi Arabia is building a 12,000km water transportation and distribution network that’s longer than the Nile River.   This massive, desalinated water network will carry 9.4 million cubic meters of water per day, and is like laying a pipe from New York to Beijing:

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How a Saudi firm Tapped a Gusher of Water in Drought-Stricken Arizona

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on how lax rules allowed a foreign-owned company to pump water from state land to grow alfalfa for the kingdom’s cattle: A megadrought has seared Arizona, stressing its rivers and reservoirs and reducing water to a trickle in the homes of farmworkers near this desert valley. But green […]

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The Unique Promise of Environmental Cooperation in the Gulf

Courtesy of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a look at the the unique promise of environmental cooperation in the Gulf over issues such as water: The Issue Environmental dialogue in the Gulf holds unique promise to test the potential for greater regional cooperation amidst widespread distrust.* Environmental issues have not been as politicized […]

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Saudi Arabia Building Longest River On Earth

Via KAS Explains, a video look at a new Saudi Arabian desalination project: Saudi Arabia launched plans for 12,000 km long water project longer than the Nile river. The ‘river’ will be one of the world’s largest desalinated water networks, producing 9.4 million cubic meters of water per day. Their plan involves digging a river […]

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Water Scarcity in the Arab World

Via Geopolitical Futures, a report on the Arab World’s water challenges:   Many prosperous ancient civilizations in the Arab world had at least one thing in common: an abundance of water. Today, however, the Arab region in West Asia and North Africa could become the most water-scarce area in the world. Demand is rising, driven […]

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Desalination Could Give The Middle East Water Without Damaging Marine Life – If Managed Carefully

Via The Conversation, commentary on the role desalination can play in addressing Middle Eastern water scarcity: More than 2 billion people live in “water stressed” countries. These are territories where more than 25% of the available freshwater resources are withdrawn for human use each year. Desalination – the process of removing salt from seawater – is increasingly being used […]

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