Water and Conflict: Updates from the Russia-Ukraine War

We are living in a time of water and kinetic conflict in the Ukraine and I would like to highlight this interesting discussion ahead:

Russia’s war in Ukraine has devastated the country’s water and sanitation infrastructure. Civilian water supply and treatment have been exposed to collateral damage, wielded as weapons through targeted attacks, and strained by large population movements and diminished capacity as water operators take up arms to protect their country. This has enormous implications for Ukraine’s short and long-term health, agricultural, and energy systems, and economic well-being.

Join the Wilson Center and the U.S. Water Partnership on February 7th for a discussion with a panel of experts – including two representatives of Lviv’s water utility – to better understand the enormous costs of Russia’s attacks on civilian infrastructure, and how the international community can better support Ukraine’s efforts to rebuild and modernize its water infrastructure.

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