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Can India and Pakistan’s Historic Water Pact Endure?

Via F0reign Policy, an article on the Indus Waters Treaty – which was created to avoid conflict – but, to confront the climate crisis, it must evolve: Since 1960, a treaty brokered by the World Bank has prevented a water war between pugnacious neighbors India and Pakistan—even as the two countries have gone to war […]

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Water Security Challenges in Pakistan

Pakistan’s water supply has become a crucial resource challenge in recent years, made worse by the country’s enduring infrastructure and governance problems. The prospect of a major water crisis in Pakistan offers a stark reminder of the increasing vulnerability of the country to global climate change. The destructive floods that submerged a third of the […]

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The Parched Tiger: Indus Intrusion – India’s Aggressive Maneuvers on Pakistan’s Waters

Via Modern Diplomacy, commentary on Indian/Pakistani tensions over water: Water, a precious resource has become the center of a fierce battle between India and Pakistan. At the heart of this conflict lies the mighty Indus River, a lifeline for Pakistan’s agricultural sector and source of livelihood for millions. In recent years, India’s actions have raised […]

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Melting Himalayan Glaciers Could Leave 2B People Facing Water Scarcity

Via The National News, an article on a recent study that found that Himalayan glaciers in the region disappeared 65 per cent faster in the decade from 2011 to 2020: Himalayan glaciers providing critical water to nearly two billion people are melting faster than ever before due to climate change, exposing communities to unpredictable and […]

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Water Politics In The Himalaya

Via, a look at water politics in the Himalaya: Rivers are a source of life and a crucial resource for both India and Pakistan. The two countries share six rivers, including the Indus River. While the 1960 Indus Water Treaty has been the foundation of water-sharing between the two nations, it has not prevented […]

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No River, No Power – Can Asia’s Rivers Power Growth In A Changing Climate?

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a new report analyzing a third of global power generation capacity to find that escalating climate risks and rivers running dry can strand sizeable portions of national power generation assets, including sizeable trifecta exposure to water risks across 10 key rivers from the Yangtze, Yellow, Indus, Ganges, to the Mekong […]

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