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After a Dry Spring, Northwest Africa Braces for Disruptive Crop Failures

Courtesy of RANE Worldview, analysis of how – after a dry Spring – Northwest Africa braces for disruptive crop failures: As the summer harvest season begins in agriculture-dependent North Africa, severe drought will lead to crop failures that will increase risks of political uncertainty, social unrest and economic instability. Northwest Africa’s Maghreb region, which includes Morocco, […]

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Morocco Boosts Funding, Ambitions for 30-Year Water Plan

According to the World Bank, nearly 88 percent of water in Morocco, one of the world’s most water-scarce countries, is used for agriculture.  By 2050, without significant change, water availability is projected to fall, further straining the drinking water supply for the nation’s 37 million residents. In 2020, the country announced a 30-year National Water […]

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‘Living On The Edge’: Middle East At Risk of Climate-Induced Food, Water Scarcity

Via Terra Daily, a report on a new Greenpeace study focused on the Middle East’s climate risks: The Middle East is at high risk of water and food scarcity as well as severe heat waves as a result of climate change, said a Greenpeace study released Wednesday. Published only days ahead of the UN climate […]

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Forecasting A Hot, Dry MENA Future

Via Nature Middle East, an article on how an innovative monitoring technology is helping the world’s driest region predict and manage the impacts of drought: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the driest region in the world and home to 12 of the world’s most water-scarce countries, with water availability per person roughly […]

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Cloud Wars: Mideast Rivalries Rise Along a New Front

Via the New York Times, an article on how – as climate change makes the region hotter and drier – the U.A.E. is leading the effort to squeeze more rain out of the clouds, and other countries are rushing to keep up: Iranian officials have worried for years that other nations have been depriving them […]

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Drought Tightens Its Grip On Morocco

Via Al Monitor, an article on Morocco’s drought: Mohamed gave up farming because of successive droughts that have hit his previously fertile but isolated village in Morocco and because he just couldn’t bear it any longer. “To see villagers rush to public fountains in the morning or to a neighbour to get water makes you […]

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