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Record River Lows Across China, US and Europe Sap Economies

Courtesy of the Financial Times, an article on the economic impact that drought is having upon China, U.S., and Europe: Factories grinding to a halt, crops devastated, cargo ships forced to carry smaller loads and millions facing a risk of blackouts — these are just some of the drastic consequences of record low river levels […]

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For Business, Water Scarcity Is Where Climate Change Hits Home

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on the impact of water scarcity on business: One of your columnist’s favourite ways of passing a hot afternoon in Monterrey, three hours south of Mexico’s border with Texas, is with a cold bottle of locally brewed Bohemia beer alongside a plate of cabrito (roast kid). For a business writer, it […]

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Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade

Via Bloomberg, a report on how – from the Rhine to the Danube – Europe’s waterways are failing at the worst possible moment as the climate crisis worsens: In the midst of an arid summer that set heat records across Europe, the continent’s rivers are evaporating. The Rhine — a pillar of the German, Dutch and […]

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Drought Hits Germany’s Rhine River: ’30cm of Water Left’

Via the BBC, a report on the drought affecting the Rhine River: As Europe lives through a long, hot summer, one of the continent’s major rivers is getting drier – posing major problems for the people and businesses that rely on it. Captain Andre Kimpel casts an experienced, but worried, eye across the river Rhine, […]

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