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Water Scarcity: A Global Economic Threat With China and India Most At Risk

Via CNBC, a look at water as a global economic threat: Researchers say that large Asian economies like India and China will be the most affected from water shortages.  Agriculture, manufacturing, and the transition toward renewable energy will likely be the sectors most affected by water shortages. Water scarcity must not be viewed as a […]

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Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Bangladesh, Brahmaputra Proxies for Sino-Indian conflict

Courtesy of Nikkei Asia, a look at how Chinese and Indian dams stoke regional tensions: On a muggy June afternoon in the remote village of Pohumora in northeastern India, Anjana Taye haunches on the mud floor of her home and carefully pours into two bowls the cloudy fermented rice drink known as apong, a staple of […]

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Thirsty Dragon: Chinese Dams Make ‘Upstream Superpower’ Presence Felt In Asia

Via Nikkei Asia, the first article in a three-part series exploring the effects that the actions of upstream nations – exacerbated by climate change – have on countries downstream: Water is released from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam on the Yellow River in a sand-discharging operation. July 2022, Luoyang, China. (Footage via Getty Images) Drought in […]

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Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Water, Ice, Society, and Ecosystems in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Via ICIMOD, a new report on water, ice, society, and ecosystems in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, covering more than 4.2 million km2 , encompasses the highest mountain ranges in the world and contains the largest volume of ice on Earth outside of the polar regions, as well as large […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Water in the 2022 State of Ecology & Environment Report

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a look at the 2022 State of Ecology & Environment Report Review It’s two years into China’s 14FYP. What has that meant for water? Are things better or worse? Find out in our review Surface water quality continues to improve, exceeding 14FYP target of > 85% by 2025; likely due to […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Is Building The World’s Biggest Dam In Secret

Via Stagecraft and Statecraft, an article on the the Brahmaputra super-dam project which poses risks for India and Bangladesh: China is unmatched as the world’s hydro hegemon, with more large dams in service than every other country combined. Now it is building the world’s first super dam, close to its heavily militarized frontier with India. […]

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