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How One of South America’s Biggest Dams Became A Bitcoin Battleground

Via Rest of World, a report on how one of South America’s biggest dams became a Bitcoin battleground: After the Covid-19 pandemic reached Paraguay in 2020, Christian Kaatz was working 12-hour days to keep his company, a local internet service provider (ISP), afloat. Looking for something to help him de-stress, he bought a high-powered PC […]

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Severe Drought Hits South America

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the impact of water scarcity in South America: Most years, when rains are normal, four Olympic swimming pools worth of water passes each second through the mammoth Itaipú Dam, churning out electricity for both Paraguay and Brazil and allowing ships and barges to export grains as […]

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Egypt Seeking Brazil’s Support In Nile Dam Dispute

Via Al Monitor, a look at Egypt’s outreach for Brazil’s support in Nile dam dispute after Brazil’s election as a nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council: Egypt is trying to win Brazil’s support in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) crisis by capitalizing on Brazil’s accession in June to the nonpermanent membership of the United Nations […]

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Years-Long Drought Pushes Brazil to the Brink

Via Circle of Blue, an article on the impact of Brazil’s worst drought in nearly a century is choking commerce, threatening ecosystems, and diminishing hydroelectric power generation: Parched conditions have gripped Brazil for nearly a decade. Now, as a historic drought stretches into its third year, the country’s economy, energy systems, and environment are tearing at […]

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Historic Drought Threatens Brazil’s Economy

Via, a report on Brazil’s drought: The worst drought in nearly a century to hit two key regions in Brazil is wreaking havoc on hydroelectric dams and crops—and threatening the nascent pandemic recovery of Latin America’s biggest economy. Months of sparse rain have shrunk rivers, left their banks cracked and parched, and reduced normally […]

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Brazil On Drought Alert: Facing Worst Dry Spell In 91 Years

Via The Frontier Post, a report on Brazil’s drought: Brazil’s government agencies warned of droughts this week as the country faces its worst dry spell in 91 years, increasing fears of energy rationing, hitting hydroelectric power generation and agriculture while raising the risk of Amazon fires. Late on Thursday, the Electricity Sector Monitoring Committee (CMSE), […]

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