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Death On The Darling

Via The Economist, a look at how climate change and poor management are imperilling Australia’s biggest river system: Yabbies, freshwater lobsters native to Australia, thrive in the outback for a reason. They can tolerate high temperatures and drought, and need hardly any oxygen in their water. Yet even for them the Darling river, which snakes […]

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Australia: Must Embrace Water As A National Security Priority

Courtesy of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, commentary on Australia’s need to embrace water as a national security priority: Hangovers result from a classic human failing: we stop and think only when a problem arises, not when it’s caused. When times are good, we’ve always got room for one more, but come the morning and […]

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Bone-Dry Australia Faces Backlash Against Dam Projects

Via The Wall Street Journal, at look at how – as Australian authorities seek to maximize water use – they are clashing with indigenous communities and environmentalists over dams: To indigenous Australians Isabel and George Coe, the hills near a 280-foot-tall dam here are part of a sacred landscape that is dotted with burials and […]

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As Water Runs Low, Can Life In Australia’s Outback Go On?

Courtesy of The New York Times, a look at how – in Australia’s vast interior – rivers and lakes are disappearing: Fleur Magick Dennis has stopped showering every day, allowed her vegetable patch to die and told her four sons to let the dishes pile up. Sometimes, all her family has is bottled water, and […]

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In 2019, 10% of Australian Water Owned By Foreigners

Via The Guardian, commentary on Australia’s water scarcity challenge: I’m starting to think that after living on a farm for 25 years, I might now learn the art of agriculture at the age of 54. I’m starting to think, in the hierarchy of needs, it might matter more to me than journalism. Because of, well, […]

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Australia’s Water Tragedy: Hydropolitics and the Failure of the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Via Global Research, commentary on Australia’s much lauded Murray Darling Basin plan: Water is gold to survival, the indispensable, the vast feeder for human civilization. Its absence entails certain death; its decline brings out the prospect that a civilisation might well collapse. When a water crisis is announced, panic sets in. Officials ready for war; […]

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