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The Rhine: A Perfect Symbol of Our Climate Folly

Via New Republic, an article on the Rhine, German river once subjected to a massive nineteenth-century engineering project to facilitate coal transport, which now needs engineers to intervene again due to global warming partially caused by global warming related to coal transported on the mighty river: Germany is trying to save the Rhine. “Save,” in this […]

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Americans Are Running Out of Water: Could Icebergs Be An Answer?

Via Newsweek, a report on how Americans could turn to icebergs as a potential partial solution to water shortages: The world is suffering from a freshwater crisis, including many parts of the United States that are experiencing prolonged drought. But could a bizarre potential solution—towing icebergs—help address the problem? That question is explored in an […]

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Strengthening National Security Through Global Water Security

Via The Hill, commentary on the link between US national security and global water stability: How would your day go without drinking water? How safe would you feel if you knew every day meant having to find water and coping with no toilet?  A country’s ability to effectively provide and manage water and sanitation services […]

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California: Desalination From Disaster To Solution

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, a report on California’s renewed interest in desalination: For decades, environmentalists have decried ocean desalination as an ecological disaster, while cost-savvy water managers have thumbed their noses at desal’s lofty price tag. But as the American Southwest barrels into a new era of extreme heat, drought and aridification, officials and […]

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Climate Change a “Top Tier Threat” in the 2022 U.S. National Security Strategy

Via the Council on Strategic Risks, an article on the new 2022 U.S. National Security Strategy which specifically lists climate change as a “Top Tier Threat”: The Biden Administration’s new National Security Strategy (NSS), released in October 2022, elevates attention and focus on climate security beyond any prior NSS. The security risks of climate change get the attention […]

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As California’s Wells Dry Up, Residents Rely on Bottled Water To Survive

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a report on how thousands in California’s drought-parched Central Valley are relying on trucked and bottled water as they wait for new wells: Wes Harmon’s ringtone sounds like a steam whistle, and it goes off in the cab of his Ford Super Duty at such regularity and volume it practically […]

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