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The Colorado River Compact Turns 100 Years Old. Is It Still Working?

Via Inside Climate News, a look at the Colorado River company, an agreement that didn’t consider the needs of Native Americans, Mexico or ecosystems and which – since its signing – the river has dropped, demand has skyrocketed and states have failed to agree on how to share it. On a chilly fall day, Eric Kuhn […]

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Water Wars: Causes And Possible Solutions

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the prospect of water wars: Will today’s wars  over oil be over water in the future? For years this question has been at the heart of a scientific debate on the causes of these wars and how they should be studied. A study published in the prestigious Nature Sustainability by a group […]

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The Precarious State of The Mekong

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at the Mekong River: The author Tucker Elliot wrote in “The Rainy Season” about the volatile nature of the Mekong:  “No matter the border, the Mekong has been an indiscriminate giver and taker of life in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. It’s a paradox like civilization’s other great rivers […]

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Catalonia Limits Water Use As Spain Prays For Rain

Via National Newswatch, an article on new water restrictions in Spain: Barcelona and large swathes of Spain’s northeast are going under water restrictions as a months-long drought that has devastated crops starts to put the pinch on human activities in the Mediterranean country. The measures will affect 6.7 million people, 80% of the population in […]

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Israel and Jordan Agree To Team Up To Save Jordan River

Via AP News, an article on a new agreement between Israel and Jordan to save the Jordan River: Israel and Jordan signed a declaration of intent on Thursday at the U.N. climate conference to conserve and protect their shared Jordan River — a sacred waterway nearly running dry because of climate change, pollution and other threats. The […]

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Is Chile’s Constitution To Blame For A Rural Town’s River Vanishing?

Via CNN, a look at how – as Chile attempts to rewrite a new constitution – water rights ownership has been at the center of political negotiations: When she was a child, Marileu Avendaño used to go to the river with her friends to play. She was born and raised in Petorca, a rural town […]

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