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Drought Strangling The Mighty Mississippi

Via The Washington Post, a look at the drought strangling the mighty Mississippi: Sandra Nelson crouched at a spot of riverbed that would normally be deep underwater, gathering rocks and jars of soil as souvenirs. Nearby, a man with a metal detector roamed the barren ground for treasures at twilight. A father carried his daughter on […]

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As Drought Drives Prices Higher, Millions Of Californians Struggle To Pay For Water

Via the Los Angeles Times, an article on the impact that drought is having upon millions of Californians who struggle to pay for water: Several months ago, Rosario Rodriguez faced a financial dilemma that has become all too common for millions of drought-weary Californians — either pay the electric bill, which had skyrocketed to about […]

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Wyoming Girds For A Fight Over Green, Little Snake River Water

Via WyoFile, a look at a brewing battle as Wyoming girds for a fight over Green, Little Snake River water: A water fight is brewing in the West, and Wyoming water officials want to prepare for it with a study aimed at parsing and defining the state’s consumption from its Colorado River tributaries. Anticipating a drier […]

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Trucking In Water To Preserve Ogallala Aquifer

Via Daily Kos, an article on how – in an effort to preserve the Ogallala Aquifer – one Kansas groundwater district is considering trucking in water: One of the world’s largest aquifers is struggling to maintain its typical levels and officials are scrambling to preserve what little water remains. Southwestern Kansas’ Groundwater Management District 3 […]

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Zoomtowns Are Drying Up, Literally

Via The Hustle, a look at how – as remote workers settle in new areas – they’re driving up housing costs and straining resources: Many remote workers moved from pricey cities to cheaper areas where they could afford a home. This not only drives up housing costs, but transplants are also straining limited water resources, according […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Growing Water Risk

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a look at China’s growing risk of water scarcity: Although media and policy attention target China as “the world’s largest emitter”, it has made some of the world’s most ambitious investments in adaptation infrastructure To understand China’s climate policy, observers should focus as much on water as on energy; adaptation, […]

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