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The Thirsty Dragon: In Parched Beijing, Claims of a ‘Green’ Olympics May Not Hold Water

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on China’s claims of a green Olympics: Barren hillsides broken up by thin strips of white snow are a familiar sight for regular visitors to ski resorts near Beijing. The 2022 Winter Olympics host, which is under 150 miles from the rapidly expanding Gobi Desert, is famous for cold and […]

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How One of South America’s Biggest Dams Became A Bitcoin Battleground

Via Rest of World, a report on how one of South America’s biggest dams became a Bitcoin battleground: After the Covid-19 pandemic reached Paraguay in 2020, Christian Kaatz was working 12-hour days to keep his company, a local internet service provider (ISP), afloat. Looking for something to help him de-stress, he bought a high-powered PC […]

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‘Not Enough Water’: Cambodia’s Farmers Face Changing Climate

Via Al Jazeera, an article on how communities around Southeast Asia’s biggest lake are feeling the effects of drought: During Cambodia’s monsoon season, rice farmer Sam Vongsay’s backyard fills with water and the plastic trash of his houseboat-dwelling neighbours as the Tonle Sap lake grows with floodwaters from the Mekong River. But during the dry […]

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Afghanistan Sends Water To Iran

Via Ariana News, a report on Afghanistan’s recent decision to open the floodgates of Kamal Khan Dam, sending water to Iran: Iranian news outlets have reported that Afghan authorities on Wednesday opened two of the Kamal Khan Dam floodgates after good rainfall in the area. According to IRNA news, the water released from the dam, […]

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The Parched Tiger: Link Between Air Pollution and Water Crisis

Via Smart Water Magazine, a look at the links between air pollution in Delhi and the water crisis in India: Air quality is a big problem in India’s capital city Delhi every year as the winter starts. Last November was no exception and high air pollution levels led to partial lockdowns and school closures. In a new BBC article, climate and […]

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Dam Building and Water Tensions in the Caucasus

Via Eurasianet, a report on dam building and rising water tensions in the Caucusus: Among many other threats, global climate change promises unprecedented water variability in the South Caucasus. The region is facing increasingly erratic rainfall and snowmelt, which is endangering drinking supplies, agricultural output, and hydropower generation. This is made still more complicated by […]

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